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company news: Signed win-win cooperation with DSM
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Company news: Guangzhou MYG Electrical MachineryCo., Ltd. recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with DMS(, in thefield of power, chemical, domestic research institutions to promote high-speeddata acquisition system, dynamic signal analyzer, modal testing system,vibration control and other mechanical products. And we are use of the bothadvantages of resources, in the power, chemical and other fields to expand moreextensive cooperation.

DMS is a leading test instrument supplier and system integratorin chinese market, has beenin thisfield for more than fifteen years.   Wealso have branch company in Beijing ,Shanghai,Xian,Beijing,Chendu,Nanjing andWuhan  separately, and subdealer net forour  products around the country.  

DMS has been serving research and academic institutions,manufactures and industry by providing state of the art of testing instrumentand system, especially in the field of dynamic data acquisition ,modaltest  and analysis ,robotics and related equipments.Our core business is to distribute of all kinds of transduce (accelerometer,displacement Sensor, velocity transducer,torque sensor ,laser vibrometer,sensor calibration,modal exciter, dynamic analyzer, NVH  system, ultra high shock recorder,high speedtest system, wireless data logger, land and underwater robot,multicomponentforce sensor and robot-related sensor etc.  

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