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Company news: Guangzhou MYG Electrical MachineryCo., Ltd. recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with DMS(, in thefield of power, chemical, domestic research institutions to promote high-speeddata acquisition system, dynamic signal analyzer, modal..
DATE: 14-09-26
 Recruitment: number of Regional Sales Engineer: Several主要工作职责:Main job responsibilities:- 负责区域市场的销售工作,对区域销售指标和回款负责;Responsible for the regional market sales, responsible for the regional sales target and payment;- 负责区域内现有客户维护及项目..
MYG company hand in hand to IRIS, CSIR,FLEXIM FLIR,ONSITE and the domestic electric institute of business technology services, maintenance services.MYG is carrying out technical service and maintenance service of the main business are:I. The Generator stator core ELCID testing se..
Recently, in the field of Power generators End winding modal analysis, Guangzhou MYG electrical machinery co., LTD. With the DMS, the USA SD Company and jiangsu university dynamic testing Research institute , together luanch into the electric power field m..
DATE: 15-07-01
The Gemany Dignostic GROUP Ohv 2013 in Panyu, Guangdong set up a technical service center company news: in June 29, 2015, the German Diagnostic OHV OWST Company regional sales manager Li Wenhai come to our company to visit and negotiate business. After the business negotiati..
Company news: on May 20, 2015,  Canada IRIS power Provide the strong support, the MYG Electric have invited CGNPC subordinate power plant (fangchenggang Nuke, Taishan Nuke, Daya bay Nuke, etc.) related engineers in fangchenggang nuclear power base held a two-day ELCID, RIV 7..
The Company news: in the Time of Internet +, product sales become into online and offline in two ways, both offline and online market behavior.This makes the market more competitive, a single product sales more difficult.Under the new market environment, the MYG Eletric company h..
Company news: the company has recently obtained with XQCC awarded the "nuclear group of qualified supplier certificate", the company have the authority to provide product and services to CNNC and its subordinate Nuke.It is reported, The CNNC, namely, China national nucl..
British expert expertise, for users to reference!I have just had a quick look at theSumatron Instruction Manual (copy attached).It is clear from this that the Sumatron device is relatively simple compared with both our MYG-RSO units.2. In particular, it is necessary for the opera..
Recently many clients ask MYG - ROS What is the difference between the Sumatron RSOafter consulting the expert, unified do explains here:1. MYG - RSO and Sumatron RSO both RSO products,  our company both have agency.But we recommend that customers use MYG - RSO.2. MYG - RSO ..
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