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The MYG Eletric power plant maintainence and services business
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The Company news: in the Time of Internet +, product sales become into online and offline in two ways, both offline and online market behavior.This makes the market more competitive, a single product sales more difficult.Under the new market environment, the MYG Eletric company hand in hand to IRIS, CSIR in South Africa, USA FLIR, Canada IRISpower  Gemany FLEXIM, and the domestic electrical power research develop the business of technology services and power plant maintenance services. the MYG Eletric carrying out technical service and maintenance service of the main business are:


I. The Generator stator core ELCID testing service: in the state ofgenerator outage, using 4% low excitation, detection of generator stator interturn insulation.
I. The generator slot wedge tightness SWA testing services: in the condition of downtime, using electric hammer and acceleration sensor, objectively detect detect generator slot wedge tightness.Automatic generation of test report, objective and have traceability.Highlight the state overhaul concept.
I. The generator rotor interturn insulation RSO testing services: in the case of generator excitation is disconnected, repetitive pulse waveform method for testing with British technology, this technology is recognized as the best method of turn-to-turn insulation detecting the rotor of the generator.Has been declared a national and industry standards.Is fast, simple, high sensitivity, found potential small fault problems ahead of time.

I. the turn-to-turn short circuit air-gap waveform generator rotor RFAII testing services: use the generator air-gap flux installed in the stator  and it is comparing the difference between the generator opposite pole magnetic flux leakage, find corresponding slot to check if intertunr insulation in the Rotors. it Is the national recommended test methods.

I. electrical equipment FLIR testing service - the infrared thermal imaging FLIR testing service to find out is overheating, An infrared detection can detect transformer substation equipment and the overhead line overheating problem.Early detection of these issues is important, many of these problems will lead to system failure and it will lurks a few months before.

I electrical equipment, transmission line CSIR corona detection services: on excessive ultraviolet corona discharge imaging detection

I ultrasonic probe accuracy test

I Rotor bar fracture in the induction squirrel-cage motor rotor eccentricity MDSP3 detection: the Canadian MDSP3 IRIS professional equipment testing

L SF6 gas leak detection: China Have environmental legislation and encourage mechanism of leak detection.The development of the best method is to use by American EPRI a laser infrared camera.

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