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Recruitment: number of Regional Sales Engineer: Several

Main job responsibilities:

Responsible for the regional market sales, responsible for the regional sales target and payment;

- responsible for the maintenance of existing customer and project tracking, project following, etc.;

- responsible for new customers and key projects following in the region;

- collect and analyze the market information and competitor information in this area;

Job requirements:

1, college degree or above;

2, electrical, automation and other professional background, technical background is preferred;

3, 3 years of relevant sales experience in the power industry, with the Southern China area power (Power Supply Bureau, power plant) and heavy industrial users of resources, nuclear power resources priority;

4, familiar with the instrument, familiar with the power maintenance equipment, with good market analysis, judgment;

5, with good communication skills and rigorous planning organization ability, strong execution;

6, have excellent communication, coordination, negotiation skills.

7, a wide range of social resources and leadership skills, as well as practical experience and a certain project experience.

8, with a driver's license is preferred

9. saraly:  (basic salary + High Commission), please send your resume


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