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DATE: 15-09-29
Commissioning tests are the final check on the cable, in order to pinpoint eventual problems caused during the installation process. In such conditions very low frequency power supply are the most fitting solution. In fact, comparing with the HV field, resonant test sets can ..
DATE: 15-09-29
Techimp technology, a key role in the effectiveness of the recorded dataTechimp On‑line Spot Testing provides an assessment of the insulation of MV/HV assets in the real TEAM (Thermal, Electrical, Ambient and Mechanical) stress condition. It is performed using the the Portab..
DATE: 15-09-29
Commissioning Tests  Commissioning test on GISBefore connecting the system to the grid, it is recommended to perform, together with the AC test, a partial discharge investigation in order to check presence of possible defects.The output of the commissioning test is an a..
DATE: 15-05-27
MYG company hand in hand to IRIS, CSIR,FLEXIM FLIR,ONSITE and the domestic electric institute of business technology services, maintenance services.MYG is carrying out technical service and maintenance service of the main business are: I. The Generator stator core ELCID test..
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