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ELCID PAPER FOR Improvements in Testing Stator Core Condition of Medium to Large Motors
PPM-97 Generator, electric motor corona discharge test papers
DATE: 15-09-28
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1. RSO诊断技术原理分析及应用点击打开链接2. RSO转子绝缘测试应用浅析点击打开链接3. RSO重复脉冲波形法试验在发电机转子动态轻微匝间短路判断上的应用实例点击打开链接4. 一起660 MW汽轮发电机转子匝间短路缺陷的查找与分析点击打开链接5. 一起汽轮发电机转子匝间短路缺陷的查找与分析点击打开链接6...
The generator rotor interturn short-circuit MYG - RSO detection technology introdution        problem is not a very precise technology.Before costly disassembly and maintenance carried out on the generator rotor, the rotor of generator are ..
IntroduceThe stacked coreof any generator or motor is made up of separate laminations typically lessthan a millimeter thick, insulated from each other over their surface butfrequently shorted together at the back edges by support bars. This design methodreduces core eddy currents..
  Utilization of RepetitiveSurge Oscillograph (RSO) in the Detection of Rotor Shorted-Turns in LargeTurbine-Driven Generators Isidor Kerszenbaum Clyde Maughan Southern California Edison Maughan Generator. Consultants San Clemente, CA Schenectady, NY  Abstract – Th..
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