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The Gemany Dignostic GROUP Ohv 2013 in Panyu, Guangdong set up a technical service center company news: in June 29, 2015, the German Diagnostic OHV OWST Company regional sales manager Li Wenhai come to our company to visit and negotiate business. After the business negotiations, both sides have a better understanding of the. Guangzhou MYG electric with German OHV diagnostic manager Li reached a preliminary cooperation intention:  Guangzhou MYG electric will develop OWST PD business in the field of nuclear power, power generation, power generation group EPRI and other Industrial segment .To promote Gemany Diagnostic OHV product and services in the domestic market .

Gemany Diagnostic Group Ohv, AG was founded in twentieth Century, Mr. Thomas Strehl,  who is the founder of diagnosic GROUP Ohv has been established in Germany, the United States, Canada, Holland, China's sales and service network, to provide reliable security services for electric power testing personnel. In China, Gemany dignostic GROUP Ohv set up a technical service center in the Asia Pacific region  in 2013 in Panyu, Guangdong , to provide quick technical support and maintenance services for domestic users. It is the world's leading provider of cable of the oscillating wave.

Guangzhou MYG electrical hope to work together with The Gemany dignostic GROUP Ohv Technology Service Center in Panyu, Guangdong. To Provide high quality OHV-OWST vibration wave cable technology and equipment for domestic power users.

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