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Company News:ELCID Technical Training in CGNPC
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Company news: on May 20, 2015,  Canada IRIS power Provide the strong support, the MYG Electric have invited CGNPC subordinate power plant (fangchenggang Nuke, Taishan Nuke, Daya bay Nuke, etc.) related engineers in fangchenggang nuclear power base held a two-day ELCID, RIV 702 and SWA slot wedge tightness detection  technical training.
The whole training course by the Canadian IRISpower company experts Mr Mladen lecture, Canada IRISpower's general manager Mr. wu qixiu make the translation, to give the technical training to solve the related technical problems for the nuclear power endusers about how to use the ELCID and explain data analysis.The next day we demonstrate the RVI 702 robot on Fangchenggang Nuke's 1000 MW generator,  left a deep impression to the customer, the engineers agreed ELCID and RIV 702 Robot is unique maintenance tools, is worth popularizing in the domestic users to use.
To be the success of the training course, first of all thanks to fangchenggang Nuke, taishan Nuke, also want to thank the Canada IRIS power factory support. The MYY Eletric company will, as always, service power users, strive to become a top professional equipment suppliers in power industrial.

         Demo in the training course                                                  Technical explain


       RIV 702 Demo in the Generators                                RIV 702 Demo in internal of Generators

         RIV 702 Demo in The 1000MW generators of  the Fangchenggang Nuke



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